Naam Sawan - Attentive villa staff


Naam Sawan - Villa staff in action

At Naam Sawan, guests will enjoy personalised service provided by a team of professionally trained staff who will do their utmost to ensure guests have a pleasurable stay. Their warm, friendly service can be tailored to meet the specific needs of guests. Just inform the villa manager of your desired staff presence – for example, at mealtimes only, or on hand to serve snacks and drinks throughout the day – and service will be tailored to suit your preferences.

Villa manager

Naam Sawan’s friendly manager is responsible for the overall operation of the villa. The manager’s job is to oversee and coordinate the staff and property and to assist guests during their stay.


The villa’s professionally trained full-time chef prepares a wide range of Western and Asian dishes, is responsible for grocery shopping and can accommodate special requests and dietary requirements.

Villa attendants

Full-time villa attendants tend daily to all cleaning and tidying requirements at the villa and assist the kitchen at mealtimes.

Garden & pool

Grounds keeping staff maintain Naam Sawan’s expansive lawn, gardens and swimming pool.


Naam Sawan is kept safe and secure 24 hours a day by estate security staff working rotating shifts.

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